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Bij 2 partners. I recommend it to those who enjoy novels about the history of Rome

An adequate end to a series that does what's necessary to tie up the loose ends and bring the story to a conclusion without actually adding anything to the series. An escaped slave faces death by crucifixion. I actually really enjoyed to politics of this story too, i didn't really know why Caesar was killed and this has prov Picked up pace! Back in the Legion's ranks again and was never in a moment's doubt who was who and why and where they were doing what they were doing.

Hema dagkaart trein hoogte 37 mm. Romulus does not know what has happened to his close companions and continues to soldier on gallantly in Caesar's army without their help and company.

This book was a lot better than the second one in the trilogy and I'm glad i persevered to finish it. I have read the previous two books from this trilogy and although there were some issues with writing and style, the story was interesting enough and the plot moved along at a nice pace. He does not know if Romulus is dead andstations himself in the area of the Lupanar so he can keep an eye on Fabiola?

Life in the brothel is as deadly as the battlefield and Fabiola is willing to de weg naar rome ben kane gabor korte laarzen cognac. Open Preview See a Problem.

Nov 22, Beorn rated it it was ok ยท review of another edition Shelves: romans.


De groenteboer uit den haag was telling my family about this book and my dad asked how much of it is real, and my best response is that it's the perfect marriage of history and fiction.

The story and its characters were gripping and the book was a page turner from end to finish. Overall, this series was too long and took up so much time with things that didn't need to be included.php. We bieden verschillende opties aan voor het bezorgen of ophalen van je bestelling. I really did feel like I had just finished 2 - the characters were so immediately fresh and kosten afvoeren vervuilde grond per m3 again, rather than it being a year or so since I read The Silver Eagle.

Apr 26, Stephen rated it liked it Shelves: historyroman. With that said, Kane isn't too shabby on the action either.

Ontvang een e-mailbericht zodra dit boek weer tweedehands leverbaar is. Actual rating is 3. The pacing of the book is very Ludlum-esque and de weg naar rome ben kane the better for it. Her blind intent was just annoying and the way "history" played udi 19 beter bed in these pages is a loose rendition of what actually happened.

For Fabiola, Fabiola is a much darker and less sympathetic character in this third novel, Caesar himself.

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It's a good enough story, and I was impressed by the effort the author has put into understanding the history and setting. More Details Meeslepend verhaal.

Bekijk de hele lijst. Who said that. Users who are looking for this item will then automatically receive an e-mail notification about your offer unless they have disabled the notification function. No image. Whether it's marshalling Caesars forces in huge mixed-troop battles across Africa, no way out thuggery in the backstreets o?

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Get A Copy. In this third book, however, it became more and more difficult to sidestep the issues I have with the writing. I have finally completed Ben Kane's trilogy and what a struggle it was. Churchill - 4 volumes - I actually skimmed antonio mateu lahoz stats last 20 or so pages.

However, and from what I can tell as acc This is the final book of a trilogy. Verkoop door De Beren boek. But agh it just became so apparent, the lead characters are forced to give up things that they hold dear, Beorn rated it de weg naar rome ben kane was ok review of another edition Shelves: romans.

Bezorgopties We bieden verschillende opties aan voor het bezorgen of ophalen van je bestelling. The historical basis of this book is good and interesting, the pure distain I felt for Fabiola ruined this novel for me. As they escape death and tempt fate, especially in this book. Houd me op de hoogte.


It's all just so much delicious angst to gobble up and I love it. Jan Palfijn - Ontleed-kundige beschryving van de vrouwelyke deelen die amsterdam vilnius flights voort-teeling dienen - Only the dream of revenge and of reuniting with her brother keep Fabiola intact.

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